Zihua Art
~ 紫薇 ~

Hallo~! My name’s Scout but you may also call me Z, Zihua, or any name you know me by! Check out my Meet the Artist (tbd) to learn more about me~And if you’d like to see what I’m up to outside art, check out my personal/cosplay Instagram!

My links:
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- Portfolio (original characters)
- Portfolio (fanart)
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I’m a Webtoons creator with 2 ongoing original series:

You can read both for FREE on Webtoon Canvas or on Tapas/ComicFury for inSOMNIUM <3 Learn more about each series by clicking on the covers!

Upcoming events:
May 17-18 : CougarCon @ CSCC
May 30 : ColossalCon Craft Fair
(I’ll be wandering con rest of the weekend!)
June 1 : OKT’s Kpop Market
(1-4:15pm @ UA library)
June 21-23 : Anime Ohio
July 19-21 : Animate! Columbus
July 23 : VIVIZ concert in Columbus (I’ll have freebies to give out!)
…more coming soon…
Thank you for checking out my art, hope you have a wonderful day!


Genre: Fantasy/Drama
(+ adventure, romance, slice of life)
Read on: Webtoon Canvas, Tapas.io, ComicFury
Synopsis: What if you could befriend your OCs/fictional characters and explore a fantasy world together? What if you were given cool magic powers to save the multiverse? It sounds cool in theory, but as Qiuye (aka “Nocturne”) knows, having great power comes with great risks. And at high costs… It’s stressful enough trying to graduate university without the literal end of the world and death looming over you.
Main Characters:
- Qiuye Bai (白秋夜)
- Crystal (水晶)
- …

Like a SkyBird “LaSB”

Genre: Fantasy/Romance
(+ BL/yaoi, adventure, slice of life)
Read on: Webtoon Canvas
Synopsis: A bird and an elf don’t seem to have much in common, but Haneul is determined to prove there’s all kinds of love. In addition to his Guardian duties, the phoenix prince must find a lifelong mate and produce an heir. However, Haneul isn’t as interested in an heir so much as a mate, as he has his sights set on the quiet, mysterious Cheol. But Cheol has secrets of his own to unravel. Now, Haneul must earn his happy end or get tangled in the darkness of the elf’s past…
Main Characters:
- Haneul (하늘)
- Cheol (철)
- Jiyeon Kim (김지연)
- …

Original Characters
A gallery of all of my original characters, designs, and concepts. All characters shown are my own and copyrighted to me. While I like to experiment with different art styles, the characters themselves are of my own designs. Most if not all of these characters are from my original webcomic series.
*I love talking about OCs and meeting other creators! If you are an OC artist/creator yourself, please feel free to tell me about your precious ones~ 🥹

I also make occasional crafts such as (mini) perler bead keychains, bracelets, custom hand-drawn bags, and more!

Fanart/Art style examples
Fanart from various media including anime/manga, webtoons, Kpop, and more!

Commission info
Please fill out this Google Form in order to request a commission from me! All prices and more detailed info are on this form, including more art examples. I will reach out thru your preferred contact (email or other) with an exact price quote when I am ready to begin your commission.

Past commissions/art for others
These are all artwork I’ve done in the past for clients since 2023! I don’t share every piece of art on my social media, so this is where you can view some more examples of my style :3