Zihua Art ~ ็ดซ่–‡

Scout (aka Zihua/Zi/Z/Zee)Indie digital illustrator
Webtoon/comic creator
Queer & Asian & Proud

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Original Characters

A gallery of all of my original characters, designs, and concepts. All characters shown are my own and copyrighted to me. While I like to experiment with different art styles, the characters themselves are of my own designs. Most if not all of these characters are from my original webcomic series.My original comics:
โ€œinSOMNIUMโ€ (aka โ€œiSโ€) - Fantasy/Drama
โ€œLike a SkyBirdโ€ (aka โ€œLaSB) - Fantasy/Romance

Art Style Examples

Everything below is fanart, ONLY as examples of my most recent, updated art style and not to be sold at OhayoCon.